DEV Homecare Suction Pump (with or without battery)

DeVilbiss Healthcare has been delivering the best portable suction options for more than 18 years. The DeVilbiss Homecare Suction Unit series is designed to fit the active life styles of today's customers.





High Performance - The DeVilbiss® Homecare Suction Unit 7305 series completes the portable suction line with high performance capabilities in a small compact package. Vacuum adjustments allow for 80-550 mm Hg and a free flow of 27 liters/minute.
Easy-to-Read Gauge - The unit has conveniently placed gauge for easy reading. This is especially important when precise measurements of vacuum are needed for the pediatric patient.
Adjustable Flow Regulator - Easy-to-turn knob conveniently placed directly below gauge, for easy use and control. Knob has safety lock feature which will not allow the knob to be twisted off.
Compact Design - All of the high-performance capabilities are conveniently placed in a small compact package weighing less than 6.3 lbs. The compact design with the high-performance capabilities makes the 7305 series suction unit the smallest and strongest portable suction unit of its kind.
The DeVilbiss® Homecare Suction Unit 7305P series meets the RTCA/DO160D Aircraft Standard as well as the ISO-10079 Suction Standard.
Increased Battery Capabilities - The 7305P DeVilbiss® Homecare Suction Unit has increased battery capabilities for use up to one hour. This provides the patient with added security when it is needed most.
Competitively Priced - Even with all of these added features, the DeVilbiss® Homecare Suction Unit is competitively priced.


DEV Homecare Suction Pump (with or without battery)
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  • Item #: 7305D-D/7305P-D
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